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More than 150 people, 30 local businesses, and 40 bands, artists, and musicians have helped us get as far as we have with this project. Without the efforts of the community working together, none of this would have been possible!

The amount of resources that people have put into this film so far really goes to show what a powerful impact Criss "Drunk" Bennett really had on the world.

A big thanks to our Media Sponsor:

Wide Awake with Bray J Dumont Air

Local businesses and organizations:

Acadian Village, Lafayette, LA
Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, LA
Arts Council of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
AVS Rentals, Chicago, IL
Bayou Teche Brewing, Arnauldville, LA
Burning Crawfish Festival, Henderson, LA
C.F. Henry Properties LLC, Lake Charles, LA
Cite des Arts, Lafayette, LA
City of Elton, LA
Commited to Suicide Distro, San Francisco, CA
Cormier Family, Lake Charles, LA
Dumont Air, Lake Charles, LA
Floyd's Record Shop, Ville Platte, LA
Jack Miller's Barbeque Sauce, Ville Platte, LA
Jeff Davis Parish Economic Development & Tourist Commission, Jennings, LA
Lake Area Film Group, Lake Charles, LA
McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA
Planet Radio 105.1, Lafayette, LA
Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning, Ville Platte, LA
Tammy's Grocery, Lafayette, LA
Tipitina's Music Co-op, Lafayette, LA
Vermillionville, Lafayette, LA

Local music venues who have helped us host benefit shows:

Bisbano's Pizza, Lafayette, LA
Club NYC, Lafayette, LA
Grant St. Dancehall, Lafayette, LA
Happy Hippie Pizza, Lake Charles, LA
Luna Live!, Lake Charles, LA
Micci's Piano Bar, Lake Charles, LA
My Place American Pub, Lake Charles, LA
Nate's Place, Lake Charles, LA
Outrigger's, Lake Charles, LA
Sadie's Niteclub, Lafayette, LA
The Porch, Lake Charles, LA
Twiggy's, Lake Charles, LA

Bands, musicians, and artists who have performed at one or more of our benefit events:

Andrew David
Black Feratu
Breakfast at Lundmark's
Brian Moore
Casey Page/Doomsdee
Certain Satellites
Cheater Pipe
Cotton & the Bowl Weevils
Cypress Rootz
Don't Think About Elephants
Earth, Wind, & Gary
Iberville High Life
Ill Angel
John Guidroz
Kory Fontenot
Laced with Lies
Large Marge
Lochness Mobsters
Lost Chapters
Marvelous Wonderfuls
Matt Fontenot
Matt McElveen
Paul Gonsoulin
Ricki Kennedy
Ryan Guidry
Semantic Blockage
Sick Friends
Solid Giant
Survive the Musical
Switchblade Clique
The Chatty Cathies
The Downhearted
The Dude on the Stairs
The Kreeperz
The Nerostotles
The Super Tacks
Von Dukes
Wasted Wasted

Individuals who have volunteered their time, money, and/or services:

Adam Domingue
Alane Oquain
Alex Vinson
Andrea Miller
Anna Kittrell
Anne Zaunbrecher
Austin Broussard
Bam Arceneaux
Barrett Istre
Ben Thomason
Bert Sonnier
Billy Rosteet
Brad Goins
Bradley Black
Braylin Jenkins
Bronson Sarver
Brooks Lumpkin
Bryan Fontenot
Bryan Schrumpf
Buster Fontenot
Callie Willis
Cassidy LeJune
Catherine Hollingsworth
Cathy Dunn
Cathryn Underwood
Cecil Fontenot
Charlie Frye
Chere Breaux
Chris Doyle Bennett
Chris Guillory
Chris Wyble
Chrisman Kittrell
Christian Hates
Christian Miller
Christine Bouchereau
Christy Poole
Cindy Tillar
Cody Stafford
Corey Pitre
Courtney Ardoin
Craig Launsby
Cris Andrus
Cutty Miller
Dana Cormier
Daniel Baker
Daniel Castro
Daniel Fusilier
Dax Riggs
Dege Legg
Doug Stutes
Dustin Reed
Eric Welteroth
Gene Meneray
George Tyler
Greg Guidroz
Gulf Coast Punks & Skins
Gus Madrigal
Heather Miller
Heather Singleton
Iona Dejean
Jacob Stephens
Jacqueline Hebert
James Hutchinson
James Val
Jason Courville
Jason Lambert
Jennifer Green
Jeremy Meier
Jesse Cranfill
Jessica Beaugh
Jessica Chauvin
Jessica Hutchings
Jimmi Jazz
Joe Johnsen
Joey Babineaux
John Pullin
John Reed Mouton
John Salassi
Johnny Jason
Johnny Tattoo-face
Jonathan Joubert
Joshua McGee
Judd Kennedy
Julie Fay
Julie Veillon
Justin Robinson
Kasi Ray
Kassie Coltrin
Katherine Smith
Katrina Bennett
Kayla Burleigh
Kellen Provost
Kelly Kershaw
Kermit Miller
Kevin Leveque
Kory Fontenot
Lacey Charlie
Lance Bordelon
Laura Martin
Lauren Manuel
Liz Viguerie
Lizzie Weber
Logan Leis
Lucas Edwards
Luke Guidry
Mac Vigneaux
Madison Daigle
Marcus Chaffin
Margaret Langley
Mark Herbert
Mark Latour
Mark Medlin
Matt Dye
Matt Richards
Meg Johnson
Mike Miles
Mike Dunn
Nicholas Billops
Pam Van Gossen
Pat Bordelon
Patrick Bennett
Paul Choza
Paula Robinson
Peter Schmeltzer
Renee Doggett
Rocky Haire
Ronnie Borque
Sam Houston Jones
Sandra Armenta Patricia Ramos
Sandra Broussard
Shane Blanco
Shane Guilbeau
Shane Johnson
Shane LeBlanc
Shannon Deaton
Shelby Hoffpauir
Shitty Shane
Sue Vasseur
Tara Ellender
Taylor Budd
Theresa Giancaspro
Thomas Jennings
Timmy Veillon
Todd Mouton
Troy Breaux
Tyson Pate
Verian Ortego
Vickey Broussard
Will Mudge

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! We tried not to forget anyone, but if you helped out with the film in some way and your name isn't on here, please email us at and we'll add your name right away.

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