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Producing a feature-length documentary film has huge costs involved, even on a low-budget level. Your contributions have helped us get this far in the process, and we need your help to put the final finishing touches on the film and submit it to film festivals. Please check back soon for more fundraising events and opportunities!

Cajun Hell DVD
feature-length documentary film
$14.00 (special pre-sale price)

Reserve your Limited Edition Festival Release DVD copy of the finished movie today and help us raise money to press the discs.

Receive your copy first thing when DVD is released!


We are always looking for volunteers to help with benefit events as well as work on other aspects of the film. We also have internship positions available for film/media and communications students.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Dana Cormier at 337-540-2902 or email


Although the film is 90% finished, there are still big costs associated with finishing the film and taking it to festivals for the world to see. Please consider making a donation to help us meet our fundraising goals.

Any amount helps. You can donate online securely with a credit card. Make a donation of $10 or more and your name will appear in the credits. Make a donation of $500 or more and you will be credited as an Associate Producer in the film's opening credits and at


Stay tuned for upcoming events!


Our first three-month run of the Cajun Hell web video series back in 2011 was a huge success, attracting more than 200 regular weekly viewers. We currently have more than 20 new episodes of material lined up, and are currently seeking a sponsor to help us produce the next run.

This would be a perfect opportunity for a local business in the Acadiana area seeking to reach our diverse audience. Benefits would include professionally produced short promo videos placed at the beginning of each episode, as well as logo placement on all printed material.

Please email or contact Eric Dunn at 510-472-3368 to learn more about this unique sponosorship opportunity.

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